“Thank you Philippa for listening, our sessions helped me to get to the root of the problem. I’m much more confident at work now and am able to put boundaries in place and say no!” A, London

“I am finding this space so helpful to get everything off my chest” S, Cornwall

“Thank you again, I have felt a great change and am now putting my needs first” J, Surrey

“Just wanted to say thanks, your listening and direction has really helped me to focus on what’s important. I am now looking to the future and have accepted my past” S, South London

“Thanks again Philippa, I felt comfortable and it’s been a blessing being able to talk about things that were too difficult to do with my family” E, Surrey

“The worries have lessened, definitely has helped. I feel a relief each week and its been so helpful. Like a voice of reason” P, West Sussex

“Thanks for all your support, I’ve found our sessions really helpful :)” J, Kent

“It’s helped clear my head so much, not such a jumble and I’ve realised that I was holding onto things that were not necessary” A, Brighton

“I want to say thank you, firstly, because I’ve found this really therapeutic and cathartic, so thank you for listening to me. I really do appreciate it, and I appreciate how respectful and kind you’ve been” N, Croydon